Catholic Education provides children the opportunity to grow spiritually, morally, academically, physically, emotionally, and socially. We also believe that responsible decision-making and the Gospel values of Christ need to be integrated and shared within, as well as beyond our faith community.

School Mission

Strengthened by the Eucharist we, the educators of St. Josaphat Parish School, are committed to proclaiming the Gospel values and integrating these values into our instructional program. It is our hope that, with these values, the students-as members of the Church-can confidently address the need for justice and peace in the contemporary world.

parish-school-img1We seek to empower our students to develop a sense of human dignity, while providing a quality academic foundation from which to begin their journey into the future.



St. Josaphat’s curriculum is in accordance with the course of instruction issued by the Superintendent of the Milwaukee Archdiocese as well as with the courses of instruction designed for the elementary schools of Wisconsin.

The sequential curriculum which is structured to develop proper values, attitudes, and habits includes courses in Religion, Language Arts (Reading, English, Spelling), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music, Physical Education, and Art, and is flexible enough to provide for individual differences and needs.


We develop our Catholic faith and a deep commitment to God through liturgies, prayer, daily instruction, special celebrations, and through personal involvement with the faith community.


We strive to maintain an atmosphere in which basic Christian values are freely expressed and practiced-teaching the child to be responsible for personal behavior.


We provide a balanced curriculum emphasizing the basic skills in all subject areas, empowering the student to develop responsibility through a diversified program.


We promote the physical development of the student through the physical education program, the sports program, health and safety programs, and the hot lunch program.


We provide an atmosphere which encourages students to understand feelings and express their opinions, to experience and cope with success and failure in an effort to develop a positive self-concept.


We encourage the students to interact throughout the day through participation in class discussion, projects, clubs, and activities which involve both education and social opportunities that aid in the growth of a well-rounded individual. We challenge the students in areas of leadership and service. We build a healthy community through loving and respecting each individual.

Tuition Information

Contact the school office for current information. Financial assistance is available, including School Choice.

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