Campaign for the Basilica of St. Josaphat

SJBF Campaign Logo 2014 Style IAn enduring, defining feature of Milwaukee’s skyline, the Basilica of St. Josaphat is one of our nation’s most celebrated and important landmarks.  A repository of more the 100 years of rich cultural history and resident to some of the nation’s most dazzling art and architecture, the Basilica is also home to a thriving Franciscan Catholic parish.

Built by Polish immigrants from the U.S. Post office and Custom House in Chicago, the Basilica was constructed using methods far advanced for their time, one of the American’s first major “green” projects.Basilicaforcard

The NEED to preserve and protect the Basilica from the effects of weather, time and use are ongoing.  As an historic structure that hosts tens of thousands of visitors and hundreds of events each year, these efforts are essential to preserving the integrity of the Basilica’s architectural structure and interior beauty.

The Foundation has made significant strides in its mission to restore the Basilica, implementing repairs and refurbishments and putting the Basilica back into the international spotlight, where it justly belongs.

Today, the Foundation is committed to one of its most important projects yet:  a $7.5 million capital campaign, Renewing a Destination of Inspiration, which will fund four critical initiatives, each of which is integral to the preservation of the historic Basilica.

The $7.5 million campaign has been divided into three phases.  Phase I has a goal of $2.5 million for the priority masonry restoration and roofing updates.  Also included in Phase I is lighting the dome.  Currently, we have a generous challenge grant from the Milwaukee area Meehan Family Foundation.  Their challenge is $100,000 with the commitment of $100,000 from four other donors. To date we have received one matching gift.  Help us light the dome!

Phase II & III will include additional masonry restoration and preservation along with restoration of the historic stained glass windows.

The success of this effort is vital not only to the future of St. Josaphat, but to that of our community’s greater well-being, now and for future generations.

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