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Important Community Value

“The average historic sacred place in an urban environment generates over $1.7 million in economic impact.”        

-Partners for Sacred Places


The Basilica has undergone an Economic “Halo Effect” study. The study is an in-depth analysis on the annual economic impact the Basilica has on the Milwaukee community.

The size and complexity of the economic impact of sacred places provides powerful new evidence that America’s sacred places have enormous community value that is increasingly at risk when these buildings decline and close.

“Congregations employ, on average, 5 full-time and 6 part-time staff, and purchase goods and services from a network of local small businesses and individual vendors, sustaining an important community economic ecosystem,” based on a study conducted by Partners for Sacred Places of 90 congregations in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Fort Worth.

Sacred places, such as the Basilica, are also a magnet for visitors, attracting 780 visits on average each week into its neighborhood or locale.