What is a Basilica

Dating to ancient Greek and Roman times, a basilica originally referred to a type of public building in which official business was conducted.

In the fourth century of the Christian era, basilicas became places of worship for those of the Christian faith.  During this time, construction of the great basilica of Rome began.  Eventually,  these basilica churches began to play a unique role in the life of the universal church.

Today the term basilica refers to a special designation given by the Holy Father to certain churches because of their antiquity, dignity, and historical importance, as well as their significance as a center of worship and prayer.5f98470e7da26a1b00029974f3cce5d8[1]

Basilica of St. Josaphat Quick Facts
  • The steel and Copper Dome is 80 feet in diameter
  • Stained glass windows crafted by a team of artisans from Innsbruck, Austria.  Arguably someof the finest artistic windows in the United States
  • One of a kind original artworks throughout the edifice
  • One of the world’s most recognizable Polish American churches

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